Getting a Lyme diagnosis is tough business. Many doctors don’t even consider Lyme and, if they do, the blood tests they use are often inaccurate. Too often Lyme sufferers are told they have another chronic illness that has no explanation and no cure. That’s how my story started.

After years of declining health I finally had an MRI that showed “demylination” on my brain. From that picture I received a vague Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and offered prescriptions to target my most severe symptoms, namely my digestion and hormones. I didn’t take the bait. I didn’t want to just cover up symptoms – I’ve never been one for bandaids. I wanted a properly functioning body. I wanted true health.

In my refusal to stop searching for a real answer I came across Lyme disease. After researching and reading I found that Lyme has been linked in medical studies to almost every “mysterious” neurological disease. There are entire theories based on Lyme being the root cause of MS, Parkinsons, chronic fatigue and even ALS.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, could it be Lyme? Don’t give up your search. The road to recovery from Lyme is long and challenging but there is hope. There is more than a lifetime of management on the other side of a Lyme diagnosis.  To find out if the cause of your suffering could be from Lyme I encourage you to find a doctor who will look at you as a whole person and consider your entire disease progression.

Looking for a doctor who will help you on your Lyme journey? Many states have Lyme websites and Facebook pages acting as search resources to help catalogue doctors by location.

Please contact me or comment below if you need assistance in finding a Lyme doctor in your area. We’re in this together!