Friend, you’re invited to a retreat. No need to pack a bag or make an appointment at a spa. And, no, you didn’t forget to get a dog sitter or book a hotel room. For this retreat you don’t need to leave your house. In fact, you don’t even need to leave your couch – or your bed! This is a personal, at-home retreat reserved specially just for you.

If you choose to attend you will enjoy the peace of releasing every burden, worry, concern and obligation. You will breath easier as you simply relax, rest and breath deeply. By giving yourself permission to empty yourself of every worldly demand, even the demands of healing and being well, you will be rejuvenated; refreshed and renewed by the serenity of stillness.

Dear friend, this is your standing invitation to nestle into your own personal sanctuary of rest and relaxation by retreating right where you are, in the here and now, right at home.