Month: June 2017

The Battle of the Herx

It is the million dollar Herx question: Will you trade worse now for better later?

The Herxheimer Reaction was discovered by none other than Bacterial researchers Jarisch and Herxheimer. While treating syphilis patients with antibiotic therapies the two discovered that the patients kept getting noticeably worse, then better and then worse again and then better again. This cycle continued at the beginning stages, middle stages and even in the late stages of treatment.

What the two men discovered is that when the body’s foreign intruder is found by the antibiotic it isn’t a pretty greeting. I like to think of this way: Bacteria is the enemy. The antibiotics (pharmaceutical/botanical/homeopathic – take your pick) are the good guys determined to eradicate the enemy and all its evil from the face of the earth (or your body). When the good guys discover the hiding place of the enemy and unleash their antibiotic assault war breaks out. The enemy won’t die off without a fight and the Battle of the Herx is their last defiant stand.

In the throws of a Herx Reaction every nasty, debilitating, troubling symptom returns with vengeance and they bring new friends along, too. Pains will travel to new territory. Fatigue will hit an all time low before it goes even lower. Vision might go spotty or it may even take an entire leave of absence. Muscles may spasm with increased intensity and don’t even think about playing loud music. During a Herx Reaction your ears will ring off the hook.

On the surface the Herx Reaction appears troubling. Common sense tells us that treatment should lead to improved health, not drastically diminished condition but common sense can be misleading. The Herx Reaction is a necessary component of the healing process because it is the eradicating of the enemy. If the enemy is not killed and removed from the body the war can never be won. With each battle more of the bacteria is killed, the forces of the enemy are depleted and their capacity to fight diminished.

With the understanding that worse leads to better, the Lyme fighter can courageously answer, “yes” to the million dollar Herx question. Then, armed with antibiotics and the promise of recovery, march into battle with courage and determination that bacteria’s dictatorship of disease will ultimately be defeated and recovery will reign victorious.

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Gettin’ Oily: Frankincense

If Frankincense was a gift fit for Jesus then it must be good! Upon further investigation into its properties (especially for combating Lyme and its effects), I learned that Frankincense is a powerful oil and a must-have for any at-home apothecary.

So what makes Frankincense so special? Apart from its notable appearance at Jesus’ birth, Frankincense is notable for its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is key to treating Lyme since it becomes neurological as the disease takes over. Frankincense has been shown to help with herx reactions during healing and to reduce the persistent fog known as “lyme brain.” Since the brain sends messages to the rest of the body Frankincense has body-wide benefits, especially when it comes to joints, digestion and immunity.

To use Frankincense I suggest beginning with diffusing. This is my go-to method for testing out how my body will respond to a particular oil. Start with a little – trust me, it goes a long way. One of the very best uses for Frankincense is to dilute it in a carrier oil and use it on the soles of the feet. The uses are seemingly endless. With Frankincense you can not only help aid your Lyme recovery but you can create a healthier life by using it to make your own cleaning and hygiene products.

If you’re gettin’ oily, add a few drops of Frankincense into the mix. The Lyme will hate it but your body will love it.


For more reading check out a few of my favorite essential oil online resources:

Dr. Axe

Lyme Brain

Dr. Eric Z

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Survival Song

In 1929, after nearly a century of debate over its origin, the United States Marine’s finally secured their hymn. It took two Barbary wars and a whole lot of copyright hoopla but finally the brave and courageous Marines had a song to officially call their own. But the Marine’s aren’t the only one’s with their own special song. Every football team has one and they call it their “fight song.” Every couple has one and they call it their “love song,” although I’m all in favor of calling those “fight songs,” too. Because, let’s face it, anything worth having – from a successful marriage, to a victorious battle or a touchdown in overtime – takes a fight. And every fight should have its own song.

So today is the day to choose your song. You can refer to it as your “fight song” or maybe your “battle hymn.” I’m calling mine a “survival song.” Your song doesn’t need to have words or it can have so many words it rivals the eleven verses of “For All the Saints.” There are no rules for your song selection and no need to concern yourself with copyright infringement. This special song is just for you. It is what motivates and encourages you with a tune, lyrics and melody that strengthens your resolve and infuses you with courage to keep up the good fight.

Dear friend, let me remind you that you are in a battle. A battle to beat Lyme while keeping your faith and hope in the face of despair and disappointment. The enemy wants to use your illness to defeat you. Don’t let Him. Claim the victory ahead of time. Then sing your survival song.


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*A tip for belt wearers

The first piece of our survival kit has been introduced. It is the belt of truth and it is the foundation on which the rest of our survival rests. It is truth, after all, that sets us free.

Since putting on my belt of truth I’ve been noticing some changes in my survival methods – changes you might be experiencing, too. With my belt of truth I’ve become less knocked down by bad days. I’m less prone to collapse in emotions of defeat. I’m experiencing more resiliency, optimism and hope.

Still I have days where I begin to waver, as if I had no belt at all. Even since purposely putting on my belt I’ve sunk into states of despair and depression. As you can imagine, I’ve questioned the effectiveness of my belt of truth but upon further inspection of my belt, I realized the problem. The belt was lose, not snug. I had to kept reaching down and pulling it up instead of standing tall and wearing it with confidence.`The trouble wasn’t the belt. It was how I was wearing it.

From my belt saga, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about the belt of truth. It was designed by God to fit securely so we can stand tall, filled with the strength to hold up the sword, wear the breastplate and trample our foe. The danger of a loose belt is standing on a constantly shifting, perpetually volatile foundation.

With the belt of truth snug and secure we can confidently face the battles of illness ahead, defeat the enemy and survive Lyme.


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Survival Kit: Scripture

To beat Lyme or any chronic illness it takes more than bandages, it takes armor. It takes more than first-aid kit, it takes a survival kit.

A Lyme Survival kit isn’t sold on any store shelves – at least not that I’ve seen – but it is offered freely in the Word of God. It is the armor of God offered in Ephesians 6 that is our means of surviving Lyme without succumbing to the physical and emotional destruction deadly disease seek to wage. The only way to escape the external and internal death of disease is to survive in the truth of Salvation.

“Truth” is one of the pieces of the armor that is essential for survival. Ephesians 6:12 associates our very ability to stand with buckling the belt of truth around our waist’s. We need truth when faced with disease that tells us lies, attacks our peace, joy and faith and taunts us with death. When we are up against disease, we need to take it on with truth that teaches us, reassures us and encourages us with abundant, eternal life.

So how should we use the survival kit’s belt of truth? The uses for this belt are endless but I have a go-to truth tip that I’ll share with you. My go-to use for the belt of truth: call on scripture.

With my belt of truth fashioned around my waist I can stand firm and find the strength in the core of my soul to open my Bible wide and proclaim boldly the truths of God. The Bible’s Scripture is so powerful because it speaks strength to weakness, light to darkness and life to death. Scripture tells the truth to the lies of the enemy. The Word of God speaks to all of our needs – physical, emotional, spiritual. Scripture helps us with our words when we don’t know what to pray or even ask how to use our survival kit.

There is not just one single scripture to keep in your belt of truth. The whole Word of God is necessary for survival so keep it in its entirety near by and, for good keeping, write a few on your heart. Here are a few I’ve written on mine:

Psalm 27:1…. Because my light is not in me so Lyme can’t take it. My light is in my salvation and no one (and no disease) can shake it.

Matthew 6:25-34…. Because there are no guarantees for tomorrow (for any of us) but there is today. So live for it fully.

Romans 5:3-4…. Because there is a purpose in my suffering and it is always for my ultimate good and God’s glory.

Isaiah 53:4-5…. Because the most brutal, painful, excruciating suffering was done by Jesus who willingly endured it all to save me.

2 Corinthians 12:8-9…. Because if God has made me weak it is only because He wants to be my strength.


Have you put your belt of truth in your survival kit yet? I hope so. But if you haven’t, you can grab hold of it right now and never face another day of Lyme without it!

Fashion on your belt…keep truth at the ready in your kit…tuck scriptures straight into your heart….Because Ian assure you, you’re going to need them to survive.




Do you have go-to survival scriptures? Share them below!


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Survival Kit

Lyme should come with its own survival kit because the plastic box labeled “first aid” just isn’t doing the trick. The bandages aren’t relieving my chronic Lyme pain. The Asprin doesn’t touch Lyme brain and the ointments gave me a rash. The first aid kit wasn’t made for me so I’m making my own.

To survive Lyme, or any other chronic illness, there are tools, practices, habits and strategies you will need as desperately as as a ct needs a bandaid but you won’t find what you need in a plastic box. Your survival kit won’t be sitting on a store shelf. To survive the battles of chronic illness you will need a prescription for victory that no doctor on earth can give you.

To survive you will need the full armor of God.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” [Ephesians 6:10-18]

The full armor of God is our never-fail survival kit that always has what we need. I know I wouldn’t be surviving Lyme without it and so I am making it my mission to share with others how they can survive, too. Stay tune in the coming days and weeks as we explore each piece of this precious armor and learn how to use it stay alive, survive and thrive with Lyme.

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Give to Survive

One of the most dangerous symptoms of being chronically ill is being chronically self-centered. It is a symptom that has devastating effects on the heart’s hope and joy.

Over the past seven years I have struggled with this symptom. On days when my pain is constant and acute I am tempted to see only my personal suffering. When I’m weak and fatigued I retreat into my own isolated, solitary existence. I use depression and disease as rationale for being all consumed with myself.

I’ve experimented with all sorts of remedies for this symptoms and I always come back to one tried and true cure: give.

Give a surprise gift.

Give a note of encouragement.

Give a loved one undivided attention.

Give the dog a little extra love.

Give a call to an old friend.

Give a stranger a sincere compliment.

Give a plate of cookies to a neighbor.

Give a thank you to your garbage man.


No matter how weak and tired you become I promise that you will always have a gift to give. In fact, I’ve discovered that the very best, most precious and treasured gifts, come from the most fragile givers.

As the late Jim Elliot, missionary and author, once said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Giving is more than a remedy for a symptom. Giving is a sure cure for the heart and soul.

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You are beautiful

Sickness and disease are ugly but the sick and diseased are not. The temptation for those of us who have suffered under years of illness is to look in the mirror and see nothing more than a battle weary warrior. The challenge for the chronically ill is to look in the mirror and see their true beauty.

If today you are feeling battered, broken and anything but beautiful this message is for you. If you have looked in the mirror and met a face drawn down by the devastation of disease, these words are for you….


Fellow Lyme Warrior, today I encourage you to take the opportunity to do something special that makes you feel beautiful (or handsome, for the men). Ladies, paint your nails. Have an at home spa night. Get a hair cut. Spritz on your wrist your favorite perfume or cologne.

Remember that no matter how sick you’ve become or how long and hard you’ve had to fight this ugly Lyme foe, YOU are truly beautiful.

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