In 1929, after nearly a century of debate over its origin, the United States Marine’s finally secured their hymn. It took two Barbary wars and a whole lot of copyright hoopla but finally the brave and courageous Marines had a song to officially call their own. But the Marine’s aren’t the only one’s with their own special song. Every football team has one and they call it their “fight song.” Every couple has one and they call it their “love song,” although I’m all in favor of calling those “fight songs,” too. Because, let’s face it, anything worth having – from a successful marriage, to a victorious battle or a touchdown in overtime – takes a fight. And every fight should have its own song.

So today is the day to choose your song. You can refer to it as your “fight song” or maybe your “battle hymn.” I’m calling mine a “survival song.” Your song doesn’t need to have words or it can have so many words it rivals the eleven verses of “For All the Saints.” There are no rules for your song selection and no need to concern yourself with copyright infringement. This special song is just for you. It is what motivates and encourages you with a tune, lyrics and melody that strengthens your resolve and infuses you with courage to keep up the good fight.

Dear friend, let me remind you that you are in a battle. A battle to beat Lyme while keeping your faith and hope in the face of despair and disappointment. The enemy wants to use your illness to defeat you. Don’t let Him. Claim the victory ahead of time. Then sing your survival song.