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Gettin’ Oily: Frankincense

If Frankincense was a gift fit for Jesus then it must be good! Upon further investigation into its properties (especially for combating Lyme and its effects), I learned that Frankincense is a powerful oil and a must-have for any at-home apothecary.

So what makes Frankincense so special? Apart from its notable appearance at Jesus’ birth, Frankincense is notable for its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is key to treating Lyme since it becomes neurological as the disease takes over. Frankincense has been shown to help with herx reactions during healing and to reduce the persistent fog known as “lyme brain.” Since the brain sends messages to the rest of the body Frankincense has body-wide benefits, especially when it comes to joints, digestion and immunity.

To use Frankincense I suggest beginning with diffusing. This is my go-to method for testing out how my body will respond to a particular oil. Start with a little – trust me, it goes a long way. One of the very best uses for Frankincense is to dilute it in a carrier oil and use it on the soles of the feet. The uses are seemingly endless. With Frankincense you can not only help aid your Lyme recovery but you can create a healthier life by using it to make your own cleaning and hygiene products.

If you’re gettin’ oily, add a few drops of Frankincense into the mix. The Lyme will hate it but your body will love it.


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Gettin’ Oily: Peppermint

Time to get oily… Essential oily.

Essential oils are precious liquid gems extracted from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant, sent through a distillation process and bottled in dark glass. There are different “grades” of oils indicating their health benefits (the highest and best is therapeutic). When used topically (diluted in a carrier oil), inhaled, diffused and, in some cases, even ingested they have powerful healing effects on the body.

I love EOs. I truly believe they are God-given gifts. Over the years of my illness journey I have used EOs for muscle spasms, digestion, depression, pain and energy. That said, I’ve also had seasons of illness where the oils have been too aromatic and strong for my body to handle. Thankfully those seasons always pass and, when they do, I always come back for the healing and calming benefits of oils.

Because I love EOs and believe they can play an important and beneficial role in healing I will be sharing a series of posts to introduce my Lyme warrior friends to specific oils and share a bit about their ability to aid disease recovery.

Before we jump into the world of oils remember that if your body is rejecting a specific oil, or every oil in our apothecary, don’t force yourself to get oily. Step away from the oil! Come back another day. On the road to Lyme recovery, what works one day may be troublesome another. Just keep the faith that in time, as you regain your health, you will once again be able to tolerate and enjoy the healing benefits of each and every oil.


To begin this series I’d like to introduce you to my very favorite oil, Peppermint. The benefits of Peppermint are so immense I could write a thousand posts about how wonderful it is for the body. In my history with Peppermint I have used it diffused at meal time to aid digestion, diluted in castor oil for muscle spasms and inhaled for relaxation and headache relief. Peppermint not only does wonders for the body but it smells wonderful too! Even when my olfactory system has rejected nearly every other oil, I’ve always been able to rely on my trusty standby, Peppermint oil.

Beyond its beneficial properties for the physical body, Peppermint is also a powerful repellent for bugs and insects, making it a must-have for Lyme warriors. As the body recovers from the disease Peppermint oil helps to boost the immune system and protect against bacteria, fungus and microbes. See why I love Peppermint? It is seriously a super oil!


To learn more about this oily gem check out the links below for more healing benefits and ways to incorporate Peppermint into your Lyme warrior life!

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