On FaceBook everyone is hash-tagging and throwing back to Thursdays gone by.

Not me.

I don’t want to throwback.

If I throw back it will be to a time when I was healthier. I’ll see pictures of myself with more hair, more weight and more vitality. Throwing back hurts. Throwing back reminds me of how far my health has fallen. Throwing back just reminds me of my body’s drastic the decline.

So I am not participating in #ThrowbackThursday. In fact, to survive Lyme, I’m banning it. To survive Lyme I am instituting a new Thursday hashtag.


No matter how sick I get or how depleted my body becomes, I will always have reason to be #thankful. Instead of focusing on the past, I can always focus on the goodness that is right here, right now.

So what am I #Thankful for this week? Chippy, the chipmunk who has become my daily back porch visitor. He is a tiny little fella and cute as a button. He eats the birdseed from the bag I’ve left open on the ground. When I am alone in my apartment he shows up, darting back and forth with seeds filling his cheeks. Because of Chippy I need not leave my living room to enjoy the beauty of God’s precious creatures. I am thankful for Chippy. I am thankful that God made chipmunks! I’m thankful that today is #ThankfulThursday.